The Advance Guard of Mobile Shoppers
"Uber Digitals", as Cisco calls them, are the 18% of mobile users who use their mobile devices in-store. This group has doubled in size since Cisco's previous study of retail behaviours last year.

In Steve Smith's article for Mobile Insider he dissects this report to find the key data.

With a median age of 30-34 the Uber Digitals are the ones most likely to use tablets, mobile phones AND desktops to shop as well as in-store touch screens and other retail technology.

While over 65% of this group start their search for a product on mobile they complete it on their PC.

Nearly 60% find their products in-store but buy online (note, not just mobileCAS ed) while 70% search for products on a mobile device while they are in-store.

For all shoppers, peer reviews and expert reviews rank highest for influence on purchasing.

Interestingly and perhaps not surprisingly, retailers rank 5th out of 6 in terms of whether they are perceived as giving value in exchange for personal shopper information.

"Most shoppers prefer to share only transactional information even if sharing more personal data would result in better personalised service"

Email is still the preferred method for retailers to contact consumers, even among the Uber Digitals.

Sending offers to customers whilst entering or browsing the store is not seen as desirable by the vast majority with only 26% and 13% respectively approving of the practise.The result depends to an extent on how this is packaged - 42% showed interest in a mobile concierge that guided them to what they wanted.

The most popular in-store technology that Cisco tested was a smartphone app that pulled together offers, coupons and loyalty points to find the best personal price for a shopper.

The upshot? By and large, customers are used to a greater level of sophistication than they are getting from retailers. But customers are being wary of giving information that might yield a more interesting experience unless they can see a strong benefit to them.

But, as we at CAS so often see, getting the basics right might prove to be the best investment a retailer can make - only 14% of customers see store staff as key influencers in the buying decision.

Perhaps better staff training might be a good start?

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