Customer Service Expectations Driven By Device Usage
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 16/02/14
Category: Marketing
A recent UK study shows why customers' service expectations are becoming so high - and it's being driven in part by device usage and behaviour.

According to Wise Marketers' article "Consumer Impatience Index Hides Horrible Truth," The UK Consumer Impatience Index, compiled by Omnibus Research for customer service systems provider KANA Software, reveals that "the proliferation of digital devices and social networks has transformed British consumers' tolerance of waiting times."

The conclusions aren't particularly earth-shattering but the specific findings were noteworthy.

In particular, the study measured how often consumers checked for responses on their devices. It found:
  • Men were usually more impatient than women
  • The 65+ age group, with more time on their hands, checked their devices more frequently than 45-64 age group.
  • 20% of social media users check once per hour, 5% every 10 minutes.
In terms of devices across all age groups:
  • Email on smartphone checked - once very 36 minutes
  • Checking phones for texts - once every 46 minutes
  • Checking PC or laptop for email - once every 54 minutes
  • Voicemail checked - every 65 minutes
Checking of device by age group, not surprisingly:
  • 18-34 - under 10 minutes
  • 35-44 - 21 minutes
  • 45-54 - 36 minutes
  • 55-64 - 90 minutes
  • 65+ - 47 minutes
One of the conclusions could be that middle boomers are set to become history's loudest complainers and on the basis of past behaviours of this indulgent cohort that should almost be expected!

More significantly, the "always-on" connectivity of Generation C demands almost immediate response to any customer service issue.
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