Wealthy Women Still Love Print!
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 18/02/14
Category: Marketing
As one of Australia's most awarded retail catalogue designers, we love it when a doyen of the online retail industry endorses our way of thinking.

Net-a-Porter's decision to release their new publication "Porter" comes in the face of so many marketers who have pulled back from print in the belief that it is old-fashioned or "not working."

May we quote you?

Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet put her reasons so succinctly and forcefully (The Sun-Herald Feb 16, 2014 - "Best Dressed" by Georgina Safe) we thought we'd just quote her:

"We have been hearing from our customers worldwide how much they love print," said Massenet. 

"Powerful, high net worth, stylish women all over the world... still love the authority and touch of print."

With an endorsement like that, we are sure to see more marketers to this sector re-evaluate print as an engaging, vibrant channel. Our experience is that there are many other target audiences who are equally enamored with print.
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