Videos to Build Brand & Drive Sales - 5 Tips
With Cisco predicting that by 2016 two-thirds of mobile traffic will be video, clearly there is a demand to understand more about this powerful channel.

In "Five Tips For Videos That Build Brand & Drive Sales" for MarketingProfs, Seth Price identifies what you can do to make your video efforts work harder.

As a scene setter, though, short videos are a definite "in". Examples he gives include US Hardware chain Lowe's vine for solving a stripped screw problem but for shear beauty you can't go past the GoPro surfer clip.

The first is clearly a brand builder whereas the second is product-specific, though it, too, does a great brand job.

In a time-poor, short attention span world it's no surprise that brand vines are 4x more likely to be shared than other online video.

But let's have a look at Price's top 5 tips:

1. Identify your video's purpose. Are you seeking to engage, or do you want the viewer to actually buy something?

If what you want to do is sell, "...don't end up spending hard-earned cash on awareness videos without ringing the cash register."

2. Make your videos accessible. Just like any content, amplification once your video content it is created is paramount to getting the best ROI from your spend.

3. Tell great stories. All successful videos "have the ability to tell stories that make you feel something."

4. Know your audience and target your video appropriately. Don't try to talk to your audiences all the same way.

5. Within your brand parameters, push the boundaries. Be noticeable, be remarkable.

With the volume of information "out there" the sooner you can communicate that to your audience, the quicker they can respond.
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