Online Video - The Hottest Content?
We've all read how video is going to "take over" everything from search (YouTube #2 for search) to mobile traffic but a white paper from the National Retail Federation's library adds some additional metrics to the discussion.

In "E-Commerce Videos Benchmark Report"  from Invodo, it's clear that videos play a significant and growing part in influencing the purchase decision. In particular:

- 57% of consumers who use video feel more confident about their purchases and are less likely to return the product for refund or exchange

- Online shoppers who view video are 80% more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

- 65% of video viewers watch to 80% completion (of additional note, consumer electronics and apparel & accessories buyers engage at rates 11% and 17% above average, respectively).

To back this up further Tania deMarco in Bazaarvoice reports that 23% of all shoppers (not just online) who watch a product video are more likely to buy and 41% of consumers are more likely to share product videos than other product information.

It's therefore no surprise that 93% of marketers used video to some extent in 2013 with 52% naming video as content having the best ROI (Invodo's report).

Video is going well beyond the product page, however, extending to "email campaigns, category and brand pages, gift guides, social media and more."

Which is probably why Cisco was able to confidently predict that by 2018 over two-thirds of mobile data traffic will be video (Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Traffic Forecast Update 2013-2018).

In a time of tight marketing budgets (when weren't they tight?), product videos don't have to cost the earth. Not everything needs to be a Hollywood production. In fact, this could be a turn-off for the customer when all they want is basic information.

Relatively simple, brand-compliant videos are a cost-effective way to get a lot of information across quickly. As customers become increasingly time-poor, they will thank you for that in the best way possible, by buying your product.

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