4 Different Emotions to Engage Your Customer
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 25/03/14
Category: Marketing
If you can get a consumer connection through an emotional "hook", we think you're well on your way to making a sale. 

Certainly, we've seen the marked difference an emotionally engaging photograph or article in one of our online catalogues has made to a client's results. 

It works regardless of the medium - catalogues, content marketing on your website or, for that matter, any communication at all. 

But this emotional engagement can take a number of forms.

Marketing to mums

In a recent article in MediaPost: Engage Moms by Amie Reardon ("Use Emotion To Strike A Chord"), she identifies four different emotions that marketers can tune into to market to "Mums" and she gives practical examples of how that can be achieved. 

The four emotions are:

Desire - they just have to have it - right now! Time saving electronics and tech gadgets that let her have more time for herself or the kids are examples of products that have that "must have" appeal.

A slight disagreement

Comfort - love and comfort get an immediate connection. Bringing family and friends together for hot Campbells tomato soup on a cold day are given as examples of this in action (we think these are actually two different emotions and would look to treat them separately but have kept to the author's "four" for authenticity).

Happiness - when brand messaging makes a customer "utter happiness" the impression is long-lasting. Disney's positioning as the "happiest place on earth" is instantly recognisable - and believable for all Mums who have ever talked to their kids about going to Disneyland.

Safety - protecting the family is a top priority for Mums. Brands such as Volvo consistently use this emotion in their messaging and have high front of mind recall for exactly that reason. Other products that can evoke similar feelings are "organic foods, home cleaning products and financial services."

Using these individual emotions as thought starters, we're sure you'll be able to brainstorm more creative ways to connect with your customer.
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