Great Content Starts With Great Stories
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 14/04/14
Category: Marketing
There's a lot we can learn from history. In "4 Illuminating Lessons From One of History's Most Inventive Content Marketers," business strategist, Scott Aughtmon writes about discovering what he believes is one of the first examples of  Content Marketing -  "Poor Richard's Almanack" published by Benjamin Franklin to promote his printing business - way back in 1732.

And while it could be argued by the naysayers of the marketing world that referencing such a work is suggesting modern Content Marketing is nothing more than old stuff repackaged (see article headed "Content Marketing - It's More Than Just Selling By Stories") we think this is one of the best articles we've seen recently. 

In it, Scott suggests Franklin "...did such a great job at creating needed, valuable, and entertaining content for his audience that the content marketing itself became recognized, respected, and successful on its own. He sold as many as 10,000 copies a year, making it a bestseller of its day".

Executive Summary:

1.If you are just publishing any old, generic content and hoping it will bring you great returns on your investment, then you're fooling yourself.

2.The most powerful kind of content might actually be content that doesn't directly focus on your business or industry at all.

3.Franklin made his almanac different by including things like math exercises, early examples of demographics, and even personal sayings.

4.The almanac contained "news stories" that were presented in a serial format - meaning readers had to keep purchasing a new version of the Almanack to see what happened to the main news characters.

A good read with some valuable lessons.
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