Staying Current: We Have No Choice
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 15/06/14
Category: Marketing
I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck on around 3 years ago when he was just "The Wine Guy", not the greatest thing that happened to social/content marketing since the invention of the internet.

It was then that I got swept up with him and his enthusiasm at a different, which isn't to say less cerebral, level. And it's hard not to be swept up. He's just that kind of guy.

The author of "Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook" I must say I'm a great fan of Vaynerchuck's philosophy of building the relationship gradually, not expecting that just because the customer agrees to a date that they necessarily want to marry me the next day.

That he was asked to close The DMA's Integrated Marketing Week in New York last week (previously known as DM Days NY in less connected times) is significant, not just because he has a social media and branding business but because he's been "IN" the business for so long.

His statement that "The internet has created the second Industrial Revolution" isn't just some throw-away line. When you stop to think about it, the changes have been mind-numbing. Change is the new norm and has been for the past 2 decades; in just a very short time what we take for granted today, from email to mobile to devices not foreseen, has occurred at breathtaking pace. And it's just a taste of what's to come.

So when one of Vaynerchuck's main messages is to "stay current" I'm not sure any of us have a choice...

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