Cataloguer Seeks Catalogue Advice From Catalogue Expert
No prizes for guessing what this article is about. If you use catalogues and want to make sure you are on the right track without the headache of undertaking an agency, or internal, review this might just be the answer.

At the end of last year we received a relatively unusual brief from Australian NaturalCare, a large vitamin and supplements company whose marketing tools included a small 6 monthly catalogue distributed to a large database of customers.

This company knew a lot about using catalogues but they were also smart enough to see if there was someone out there they could learn from.

Initially, they didn't want us to design their catalogue. Or produce it. They just wanted us to do an appraisal of what they had been doing and to discover if we knew of any ways they could improve. ANC knew we had experience in their category.

We looked at ANC's positioning and concluded that they
we undertook an analysis of sales and profit across all their major products
had the potential to position themselves as a category leader on a number of levels. Having a comprehensive reference catalogue would help them achieve that.

From there we undertook an analysis of sales and profit across all their major products.  This enabled us to rank or prioritise each product and give them a relative allocation of space within a fresh, new, more confident ... and most importantly, much larger format, catalogue than they'd used previously.

Floor planning, eye flow and hot spot identification then followed.  Better selling or more profitable products got the space and the position they deserved.

ANC liked what they heard and subsequently asked us to broaden the scope of the project to include designing this new catalogue for them.

As part of the strategy and design, we advised incorporating a range of different content to support the products. Yes, there was still product description and price but now it was integrated into more content rich environment that was designed to engage and inform their readers than it was to simply give product features and benefits.

Part of our content recommendations was to include Brand Ambassador stories
Part of our content recommendations was to include Brand Ambassador stories in the new format. ANC simply checked their records on who had been regular purchasers of one of their lead products, CoQ10, and asked if these customers would be "Brand Ambassadors". They were interviewed and the results were  subsequently turned into very real customers discussing what they thought about the product and the role it played in their overall health regimen.  

Very powerful.

The end result is a much more substantial "magalogue" that doubles as a reference work designed to be kept and referred to by customers on an ongoing basis.

Catalogues, both online and offline, are changing at a dramatic rate in line with technology.  ANC recognized they could benefit from talking to a company that has broad and deep experience in this specialist area. We constantly monitor every major development that affects consumer marketing and the role catalogues play in it. That's tough to do for most consumer marketers if catalogues comprise only part of your job description. 

If you think your company might benefit from that kind of knowledge and experience, we're always happy to have a chat.

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