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If you can get a consumer connection through an emotional "hook", we think you're well on your way to making a sale. 

Certainly, we've seen the marked difference an emotionally engaging photograph or article in one of our online catalogues has made to a client's results.
Toronto's recent DX3 conference showed off some of the new technologies that tech savvy retailers can now apply to give their customers a better instore experience.
The nice guy of German retail, Michael Otto is under attack from Jeff Bezos' Amazon. And right now, he's losing.

Forbes Magazine takes you through a short history of the Otto company (including CEO Michael Otto's beginnings in the catalogue business - hence our initial interest in the story) and then poses the question: Can a family-owned retail giant run by a paternalistic billionaire compete with the efficiency-obsessed behemoths born of the cut-throat Internet? Do nice guys finish last?
Two separate speakers at SXSW pointed out that Mobile Marketing may well be a longer term sell than many expect. Rather than selling, they say, their companies are "helping consumers buy".
LVMH and Alfred Dunhill have been using "Shoppable videos" online to appeal to their exclusive audiences without seeming to "sell". Viewers are invited to click on products that appear in these high end video productions - LVMH's latest features Saddlers Wells dancers. The audience is then able to review and click through to purchase products they have seen in the videos.
For the first time, John Lewis and its stable-mate Waitrose have overtaken Marks & Spencer as the darling of the UK's High Street.
Sucharita Mulpuru is Forrester's Principal Analyst and when she speaks, marketers listen.
We've all read how video is going to "take over" everything from search (YouTube #2 for search) to mobile traffic but a white paper from the National Retail Federation's library adds some additional metrics to the discussion.
The recent Australian Centre for Retail Studies Breakfast Seminar gave lucky delegates a concise insight into a number of trends Dr Sean Sands identified out of the January 2014 National Retail Federation Big Show in New York.
The "Take 10" concept from Marketing Profs is a great way for time-poor marketers to cover a specific topic in enough detail to make a measurable difference. And so it proved when award-winning direct marketer Lois Brayfield of US agency Jack Schmid dissected one of the most fundamental of all marketing actions.
In this month's roundup of all things Millennial we look at common values of the group, privacy and how they use social media, the new Moms and, finally, a tactical take from Macy's.
With Cisco predicting that by 2016 two-thirds of mobile traffic will be video, clearly there is a demand to understand more about this powerful channel.
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