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In an age where there are new acronyms coined every week I don't feel compelled to disseminate all of them. Unless, of course it makes sense. And, having discussed this with a number of other marketers over the last few months or so, the ZMOT ("Zero Moment Of Truth") is a concept which has resonated increasingly.
A recent article by Ruth Stevens in Biznology on B2B Content Audits reminded me of the necessity of doing the basics right and learning from the results - and something that can be equally applied to B2C marketing.
Retail Concept Excellence: Best Made Company, New York

Every now and again, in our quest to keep our clients and readers abreast of what is happening in the big wide world of retail, catalogues and content, we come across an out of the box retailer who we just have to tell you about.
There's no doubt that in the last 10 years or so the headline battle has gone to the Online guys. Disruptive technology tends to do that. "12,000% change in online spending last 20 years" is a headline I'm yet to see but I'm expecting to any day now.
"Uber Digitals", as Cisco calls them, are the 18% of mobile users who use their mobile devices in-store. This group has doubled in size since Cisco's previous study of retail behaviours last year.
A recent report just made available by the National Retail Federation Foundation (US) has some interesting insights into the current 4 traditional consumer groups
I'm sitting in my backyard admiring the frangipani flowers that are in full bloom at this time of year. It's extraordinary how even Mother Nature lets plants "market" with flowers in a range of colours designed to attract different pollinators.This started me thinking...
In our ongoing look at this impending economic powerhouse we cover 3 recent articles that give further insights into what makes them tick.
There's been a lot written about online and mobile since we last met. I thought I'd give a quick run-down on what we read about the US holiday shopping period (Thanksgiving - Xmas). Whilst there are lots of percentages and few hard numbers the trends are strong.
I recently came across a new concept (for me) which seems to makes a lot of sense - it's called Return on Engagement.
OK, so you've jut put together the greatest campaign ever. How do you transfer your enthusiasm to your store network?
If you have anything at all to do with consumer marketing you could do a lot worse than read, and stay connected with, Google's Project Engagement.

I sure am!

In the first paper published in May this year, Tara Walpert Levy looks at how you can connect with your consumer in the "Participation Age".
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