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If you think that "Green Marketing" was a fad that has long since been pushed into the background by the GFC and all those pragmatic Gen Xers, you may need to think again.
It wasn't long ago that the standard of printed matter in our letterboxes was of such high quality that a new term was coined. "Unaddressed Advertising Material" was the new "Junk Mail."
"Top 5 of This", "Top 7 of That", "Top 10 for 2014"...

List upon list upon list.

Give. Me. A. Break!

It's become quite an epidemic. There's a list for everything and while this started out as a well meaning way to ensure we all got snappy takeouts we could apply quickly... it's not happening.


There's been much hype and little substance locally to the "video as content discussion". Not that there's no video out there but it isn't as prevalent as the US and Europe in the consumer marketing space.

One of the most important considerations for serious consumer marketers these days is User Experience (UX).

 Your customers understand your brand and its values via various touch points - advertising, store design, customer service and, if you are a consumer marketer, your catalogue.
While much has been (and continues to be) written about the all consuming "mobile shopper", three recent articles put that in context and call "platform domination" into question.

The first of these "Mobile Shoppers Favour Retail Sites Over Apps" by Mark Walsh looks to an NPD study which made a topline finding that 75% of Smartphone owners are using their phones as part of the overall shopping experience.
With the spending power of Millennials set to overtake Boomers by 2016 we decided to take an ongoing look at what makes this group tick. Following on from last week's first instalment we look at some values Millennials share with Boomers as well as what Millennial Dads are doing that is different to their parents.
Macy's success at migrating their businesses to the new paradigm has been the subject of many case studies, articles and presentations. 

Here, in a broader article on using social media generally, but Pinterest and StyleHaul in particular, VP Jennifer Kasper comments "As social channels become more visual and as we see authentic images working more effectively to communicate with our customers we're very excited that those are platforms we might be able to tap into differently."
The success of QR codes has been somewhat patchy but 2 developments will drive their uptake - increased user base of Smartphones and Google glass (it will also help if you have some good content for the viewer when they make the effort to engage with you! - CAS ed).
Mr Porter, the men's online apparel site, makes great use of video to inform and engage their customers. With their stylist Dan May, they've developed a series of videos ("Five Ways to Wear") that take specific garments (such as a cardigan) and show how it can be worn stylishly.

On another angle to engaging their customers through content, Mr Porter also uses video in partnership with a bespoke travel agency to address lifestyle issues.
Stories are THE best way to engage your customers.

If a "picture paints a thousand words" then what does a video paint? - a whole story!

People solve problems with video (YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google - CAS Ed) and "well-crafted videos can do something for your business that nothing else can - replicate face-to-face interaction with you, your services and your brand."
The Millennials are expected to outspend Baby Boomers by 2017 and by 2030 will have larger spending power than all other generations combined.

Here are some recent US articles we've sourced which might help you understand and market to them more successfully:
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