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An increase in stock price of 175% in 5 years shows this generation of managers will hand over a company in great shape to the next generation.
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From Forbes
The most educated generation ever seeks out Target and Louis Vuitton...
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From New York Times
Shipping costs and credit card security still seen as issues.
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From MediaPost Marketing Daily
Sometimes it's good to revisit the basics
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From MarketingProfs
This article contends that if stores are the strength of the business then retailers like Target and Wal-Mart should concentrate on getting customers into store rather than chasing the digital holy grail. Hooks involve exclusive products, exclusive promotions and exclusive services.
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From Forbes
Shopping lists now created across multiple publications.
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From Mobile Commerce Daily
Using back stories to sell product is all the rage now but that's how C&B have been driving their point of difference for decades. Their sales associate philosophy is also one out of the box.
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From Investors Business Daily
Chelsea NY retail concept turning retail on its head.
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From Forbes
If you love infographics and you market to Millennials this one is for you! 71% of all marketers will scan this for 20 seconds.... (maybe).
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From AdWeek
A sign of things to come... or an aberration
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From MediaPost
Rather than showrooming being a threat to bricks and mortar, webrooming is an opportunity. "Overall, in-store sales guided by digital will likely surpass the 50 percent mark this year, and mobile will be a major engine of that growth."
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From Luxury Daily
Though "mature" by other digital marketing standards, 25% of US marketers intend to increase their email marketing efforts.
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From eMarketer
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