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Lower prices and increased features actually fuelling frustration, lowering satisfaction.
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From Media Post News Marketing Daily
The maturity of the tablet market plus Apple loses ground to Samsung.
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From MediaPost - Mobile Marketing Daily
Anecdotal, but useful reminder of how one channel doesn't necessarily replace another.
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From MediaPostBlogs - Marketing Daily
A look back to the beginning of Big Box retail. What can that teach us about the future?
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From Ozy.com
Uber cool New York retail brand scores Berkshire Partners capital injection and look to accelerate growth plans.
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From LA Times
Boomers and senior tablet and phone usage not as high as Gen Xers and Millennials but still very significant.
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From MediaPost
"Brand journalists" will help tell your story with a more authentic, 3rd party perspective customers will find more believable.
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From Marketing Profs
The numbers look big, but here's a bit of perspective. mCommerce only contributes 1.2% of total retail sales.
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From MediaPost
Americans are richer than they've ever been. But why aren't they spending?
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From NRF Retail's BIG Blog
This study by Adobe suggests they have every right to be.
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From MediaPost
Also, find out how the supermarket uses its loyalty data across channels to understand what customers are buying and when so it can tailor both online and offline offers.
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From Marketing Week
Speaking at Advertising Week Europe, Mark D'Arcy, Facebook's Creative Director, has offered his five top tips to success. 
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From The Drum
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