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Mums are changing.

We've been reading and thinking a lot about this recently. 

Drawing an absolute conclusion from the incredible amount of data that is pouring in is a bit like trying to put a saddle on a galloping horse.

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A prediction of direct mail's continuing relevance from an unusual source.

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Seemingly unstoppable, digital marches on and bricks and mortar crumble in its path. Wait on, that's a myth!

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For those lucky enough to be at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney last week the "must- see" session was Amir Kassei's keynote speech on "Brands of Influence".

Kassei is DDB's Worldwide head of Creative. So why am I, a niche agency* principal, giving him airtime?

Simply because the concepts he advocates as well as the work he showcased were inspirational. And, in a world where we need more inspiration, his presentation was a breath of fresh air.
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Like anybody in marketing these days, I'm keen to make sure I'm up with the general trends at the leading edge of digital commerce. 

But two articles just published (on the same day!) had me carefully looking to definitions and distinctions to try and make sense of what's happening with M-Commerce in the near future.Given that the same organisation (Forrester) contributes comments to both articles is even more confusing!
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A recent UK study shows why customers' service expectations are becoming so high - and it's being driven in part by device usage and behaviour.
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In an age where there are new acronyms coined every week I don't feel compelled to disseminate all of them. Unless, of course it makes sense. And, having discussed this with a number of other marketers over the last few months or so, the ZMOT ("Zero Moment Of Truth") is a concept which has resonated increasingly.
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There's no doubt that in the last 10 years or so the headline battle has gone to the Online guys. Disruptive technology tends to do that. "12,000% change in online spending last 20 years" is a headline I'm yet to see but I'm expecting to any day now.
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The Millennials are expected to outspend Baby Boomers by 2017 and by 2030 will have larger spending power than all other generations combined.

Here are some recent US articles we've sourced which might help you understand and market to them more successfully:
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The success of QR codes has been somewhat patchy but 2 developments will drive their uptake - increased user base of Smartphones and Google glass (it will also help if you have some good content for the viewer when they make the effort to engage with you! - CAS ed).
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The Problem We had To Solve

For the past 10 years we had produced iconic annual catalogues for Howards Storage World, each year becoming more sophisticated and solution-centric for the Howards customer.

In late 2011, Howards approached us to take their catalogue online.

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So, you want content that engages, inspires and turns audiences into customers? Look no further than Paddy Pallin’s latest “Northern Territory Experience” video.
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