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Should we expect fireworks if Millennials and Boomers were to meet for a bite? Some shin scarring kicks beneath the table perhaps?

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A recently published marketing study titled "Myth of the Mansumer" might have you thinking the marketing gap between men and women is narrowing. But we're not sure their statistics (while interesting when taken in isolation) are all that conclusive.

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Mums are changing.

We've been reading and thinking a lot about this recently. 

Drawing an absolute conclusion from the incredible amount of data that is pouring in is a bit like trying to put a saddle on a galloping horse.

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Macy's has been one of the great retail success stories of the last decade, but particularly since the GFC and the rise of online retail.

With 800 stores under the Macy's and Bloomingdale's brands, CEO Terry Lundgren has driven Macy's share price to 450% up on 2008, four times the S&P500 index. And, probably a linked metric, Macy's is now the 10th largest internet retailer by revenue after Netflix.
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In this month's roundup of all things Millennial we look at common values of the group, privacy and how they use social media, the new Moms and, finally, a tactical take from Macy's.
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This month's roundup of Millennial Marketing articles includes general ways this cohort are changing marketing thinking, specific factors they are reacting to, their comfort with technology for their young children and their desire for overseas travel.
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A recent report just made available by the National Retail Federation Foundation (US) has some interesting insights into the current 4 traditional consumer groups
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In our ongoing look at this impending economic powerhouse we cover 3 recent articles that give further insights into what makes them tick.
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If you think that "Green Marketing" was a fad that has long since been pushed into the background by the GFC and all those pragmatic Gen Xers, you may need to think again.
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With the spending power of Millennials set to overtake Boomers by 2016 we decided to take an ongoing look at what makes this group tick. Following on from last week's first instalment we look at some values Millennials share with Boomers as well as what Millennial Dads are doing that is different to their parents.
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The Millennials are expected to outspend Baby Boomers by 2017 and by 2030 will have larger spending power than all other generations combined.

Here are some recent US articles we've sourced which might help you understand and market to them more successfully:
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In a marketing environment where differences are nuanced by degrees to enable better targetting, sometimes similarities can be unexpected and fruitful.
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