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Changing a corporate website is about as contentious as changing the logo. Even the cleaner wants a seat at the table - and we don't employ him!

That we managed to do a complete transformation in under 2 months (including a fully mobile responsive version) we think is amazing. Thanks to all our wonderful people.

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So, you think print catalogues are dead, huh? Just don't say that to Richard Baker, whose Hudson's Bay company shelled out $USD2.4bn last year to acquire the 90 year-old Manhattan icon Saks 5th Avenue.
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Data, big or small, is generally not absolute. It requires interpretation, extrapolation (and sometimes inspiration) to create what marketing people refer to as "insights". And from there, those insights need to be tested in a real world context to see if they are indeed the answer to your marketing prayers.

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For the past 30 years, printed catalogues have been consistently one of the most effective sales drivers for major retailers. Today's catalogues are much more likely to contain customer-engaging, rich content rather than just traditional product and price.

Despite the production process being improved in terms of efficiency, quality, and best of all, cost, some retailers are overlooking the opportunity to include this proven marketing tool into their new more digitally-oriented marketing strategies.

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In the world of fashion, the Helen Kaminski brand has become a "known" international name which stood for high quality, designer raffia hats and bags. Yet, the more successful they've become in terms of sales, the greater the need to control what they want the brand to stand for.
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One of marketing's toughest decisions these days is choosing the right channel to place content into the customers' hands, none more so than the debate between digital and traditional, "old-school" media.
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I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck on wine.tv around 3 years ago when he was just "The Wine Guy", not the greatest thing that happened to social/content marketing since the invention of the internet.

It was then that I got swept up with him and his enthusiasm at a different, which isn't to say less cerebral, level. And it's hard not to be swept up. He's just that kind of guy.
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We've been helping Freedom produce sales-boosting, award-winning catalogues and content for over 30 years. While it is probably way too early to pronounce the demise of the printed catalogue per se*, online catalogues have certainly become an increasingly significant part of the catalogue landscape.
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This case study looks at how CAS client Howards Storage World changed their marketing strategy from product-centric to content-rich - and the results they achieved.
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I was out on my LSD on Saturday - that's Long Slow Distance for you non-runners, not some mind-expanding substance! When you are on these runs it helps to think of something to mask the pain.

A lot has been said recently at Content Marketing World Sydney about "keeping the customer as the focus of all your marketing activity", "it's about them, not you", "the customer is the hero, not the marketer". 

But a mindset shift for me occurred when I started thinking about various ways in which content is distributed.
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We've made comment elsewhere in the Toolbox about who we see as one of Content Marketing's earliest great practitioners - Benjamin Franklin. 

Back in the 1700's he produced, over a 25-year period, "Poor Richard's Almanack" involving all manner of content (including maths exercises and demographics) essentially to promote his printing business.

The content became so successful in it's own right that it sold up to 10,000 copies a year.

There are a number of marketers out there who would use this story as evidence that not much has changed. All this "Content Marketing" baloney is just old ideas repackaged.

So, what's different to Benjamin Franklin's day?
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There's a lot we can learn from history. In "4 Illuminating Lessons From One of History's Most Inventive Content Marketers," business strategist, Scott Aughtmon writes about discovering what he believes is one of the first examples of  Content Marketing -  "Poor Richard's Almanack" published by Benjamin Franklin to promote his printing business - way back in 1732.
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With share price double the IPO listing in November 2012 and surging a whopping 14% two weeks ago, everyone wants to know what Restoration Hardware is doing so right
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In two separate recent articles, leading online retailers are reported as turning to the use of hard copy printed material, to increase sales. 

Whether in the form of product catalogues or more elaborate, editorial style "magalogues" featuring products available on their sites, these e-tailers see print as both another touchpoint and as a "bridge" to those on their customer data base who may not be regular visitors to their sites but who still enjoy the convenience of shopping at home. 

"We're meeting customers where they shop," said Wayfair's GM of merchandising for lifestyle brands.
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Want to know what the more innovative brands are doing to get their content marketing shared? Of course you do. For those of us who were not able to attend the recent the Brand Innovators Social Media Summit in New York, this Content Marketing Insider blog post summarises it for you.

Got room for yet another Three Letter Acronym (TLA) in your marketing lexicon? Add LEE to the list. It stands for - Listen. Engage. Experiment.
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Content Marketing Sydney was the mecca for Australian content marketers last week as the Content Marketing Institute's founder Joe Pulizzi brought together a raft of international and local speakers for Content Marketing World Sydney.

With the number of delegates almost double that of last year it was clear the message was getting out to marketers that this was no quick fad. In fact, many of the central thoughts have been around for quite a while. 

Bringing those all together, making them the focus of a marketing strategy and giving them business structure, however, is something new.
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