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From The Columbus Dispatch
Choices are different to older retirees.
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From MediaPost Blogs Engage: Boomers
They mightn't describe themselves as "environmentalists" but they are more passionate about the environment than previous generations.
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From MediaPost Marketing: Green
Users are more likely to click on a headline if it is accompanied by a large image. And marketers such as Warby Parker are incorporating big imagery into their own websites, not just publisher sites.
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From Click Z
Nearly 75% of online American consumers generally won't buy something without a good online review. On average, Americans visit 2 online sources before making a "big purchase."
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From Wall Street Journal
While others (such as Bloomingdales) are looking to smaller format stores, Target is bucking the trend with its 4-floor Boston store, to open in 2015.
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From The Boston Globe
While mobile usage increases substantially, it isn't always at the cost of desktop, particularly where a large screen is an advantage. Social is one exception.
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From Internet Retailer
What can they teach us?
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From National Retail Federation
So, you think you are connecting with your connected customer, the Millennial Mum. What about if you've got it all wrong. Now, think about the influence on their children's media consumption...
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From MediaPost Marketing Engage:Moms
Marketers love email but consumers aren't so sure.
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From DM News
51% shop online after browsing in store; 60% browse online then shop in store.
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From The Washington Post
New platform lets customers click through directly to retailers website from Instagram.
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