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Mall of America reinvents to remain relevant, interesting and exciting.
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From National Retail Federation
"Millennials and Boomers (Millionaires) currently prefer to make their purchases in person in a store (Millennials at 52% and Boomers at 53%), while only a minority of Gen Xers (25%) prefers to buy in person in a store." Isn't that interesting...?
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From MediaPost Blogs Engage: Affluent
24% of Americans stop buying anything online due to data breaches, albeit temporarily; 56% cut back on sites they visit. Who said privacy wasn't a concern these days?
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From USA Today
"Tracks the precise location of a user's facial features and applies eye shadow colors directly on the video feed from a camera." But will it take out the guesswork...?
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From Mobile Commerce Daily
Now THAT's OOH advertising!
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From cnet.com
Women create and share 92% of pins; 84% remain active after 4 years.
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From Marketing Land
An interesting and powerful concept.
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From MediaPost Blogs - Engage: Moms
One of online's strengths has been its accountability. Now it seems up to 35% of ad impressions are created by bots.
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From MediaPost News - Marketing Daily
Adding more pain to the existing considerable hurt.
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From Wall Street Journal
Iconic NY retailer introduces 3 hour delivery to Manhattan addresses (for limited time).
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From Luxury Daily
We're now talking about "Older Millennials"! 40 million of this US cohort are now parents...
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From Media Post Engage: Gen Y
Seems Millennials are happy to shop in store, just not for everything. Clothing and home accessories get the nod.
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From Media Post Engage: Gen Y
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