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Upscale US retailer has been using models with disabilities since 1997. They continue this with their key July catalog.
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From NewsOK
Visual communicates 60,000 times faster than text (and other stuff).
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From Marketing Profs
"Two-thirds of customers purchasing online use a physical store before or after the transaction. The survey covered all age segments - teens, Millennials, generation X, baby boomers, and seniors."
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From Chain Store Age
iPhone unit sales fall for second consecutive month, revenue falling for 4 of the past 5 months. With phones increasing in size and laptops becoming lighter and thinner, is this the beginning of the end?
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From Wall St Journal
Just 15% of the size of a traditional store, this small format concentrates on beauty, electronics and convenience.
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From MediaPost - Marketing Daily
A look at generational spending and asset power. Boomers have it, Millennials will have it. But what will they do with it? Oh, and Gen X is there, too...
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From MediaPost - Engage:Affluent
Readers recall tablet ads at same rate as print ads.
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From Wall St Journal
Nearly half of those in the market to buy a smartphone this year would prefer to buy a "phablet"
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From Mediapost Marketing Daily
Not everyone's thrilled with Restoration Hardware's 3,300 page, 13 volume catalog extravaganza. But if their key customers are and vote with their pockets, then RH will still need to face up to the environmental sensitivities and criticisms. My thinking is that they have probably done enough to satisfy most consumers, and there will always be someone who thinks print is "dirty" media.
Now, where's my coffee and a comfy chair for a couple of hours solid "dreaming"...?
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From Mediapost Daily
"The job of a journalist is to take a disparate set of facts and weave them into a story that is coherent to the audience. Historically, that has not been Job 1 for a marketer..."  A useful difference to keep in mind.
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From MediaPost Content Marketing Insider
More than half of manufacturers who report selling directly to consumers on their own e-commerce sites report it has had a positive effect on relationships with other channels.
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From Internet Retailer
"What they had forgotten was that Boomer women are just like the rest of us. The way we all go to a website is through Google." And they expect to find relevant content to help them make the purchase.
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From MediaPost Blogs Engage: Boomers
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